Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stockwell Day Teaches Incompetency 101

The Conservatives have been hard at work furthering their reputation for accountability and transparency. In late December, they ordered Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day to remove an embarrassing column from his personal website that mocked Al Gore and ridiculed the science of global warming.

It turns out they couldn't get the job done. The article was pulled from the archive listing, but you can still read it directly on his site right here. Meanwhile, Day's communications office denies any knowledge of the article.

''Were they (articles) there before?'' wrote Melisa Leclerc, Day's director of communications, in an e-mail. ''I hadn't noticed.''

Really? Well, if its existence on his own site isn't enough for you, it was also reported online here, here and here.

Mr. Day's incompetence obviously goes far beyond his lack of environmenal understanding and poor party leadership skills. It also finds a comfortable home in website management. I'm sure his PR team will sort it out eventually. When that unlikely event does occur, you can still access the original through the cached google page here.

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Cherniak_WTF said...

No matter what proof you offer, the con corn flakes will swallow any lie told to them.
If the PR flag said implies that the articles does not exist, it never did....