Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tories Solve Global Warming,...Conservative Style

Following through on their goal to paint their party in a greener light, Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn and newly appointed Enviroment Minister John Baird have announced 58 million dollars per year for four years for the development of clean energy technologies. Meanwhile, in what I'm sure they would insist is an irrelevant side point, the Tories continue to funnel 1.4 billion in tax subsidies to the booming oil and gas industry.


HearHere said...

Actually, the 58 million per year over the next 4 years is NEW money added to an existing fund for S&T for econo-energy. I think I heard that this brings the fund up to 1.4 BILLION over the next 4 years. It will be used I've heard to help industry develop new technologies to meet the strict emmisions standards that are in the Clean Air Act with these limits being announced in a few months. At this point there are no real laws - so no stick to beat them with if they go over their limit. Then if they exceed the limits INDUSTRY pays, NOT the taxpayer. Also, did you hear anything about a Canadian carbon trading system being set up by industry? Again, no taxpayer me that makes sense.

Eco-Critic said...

Hey just wanted to let you know I'd quoted this post over at my own blog.

Shabazzster said...

that's some good money for a good cause

Odiyya said...

AS i understand it, the 1.4 billion figure is not for addressing clean energy, but for gov't funding of "science and technology". not really the same thing unless that is all applied towards global warming.

The rest of whats missing is meaningful targets. The 'strict emission standards' of the clean air act don't amount to anything that is going solve the problem, and this is a problem that needs solving, not having some cash thrown at it.

More important, is that the conservatives are not on board with addressing global warming. the scientific and enviro community knows what needs to be done on this. Harper isn't going to listen to them. he'll try to throw some money in the right places to get enough green conscious votes, but until he comes out and recognizes the urgency of the problem, as all other parties have, I think he's just whistling dixie.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that this $230 million replaces the $220 million cut that was in the 2006 Conservative budget to the EXACT SAME PROGRAMS!

At least Stephen Harper has embraced recycling... Liberal programs that is.