Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Voters Won't Buy McHarpers Green Plan

Yesterday, Stephen Harper stated that it is going to "take more than a slick job of political salesmanship to persuade Canadians his minority Conservative government is serious about environmental issues." It was in the same interview that he announced Canada would be 50% over its Kyoto targets come 2012.

So if Harper needs more than a slick sales job, but also has no results to point to, what "more" does he intend to do? There are few options left unless you assume that in admitting he needs more than salesmanship, he is just continuing his sales job.

On that note, the Globe and Mail recently got hold of materials from an abandoned Conservative AD CAMPAIGN that was meant to PROMOTE their so called Green Plan II.
According to the article, efforts to effectively MARKET the plan included running FOCUS GROUPS with select groups of Canadians to evaluate LOGOS, TAGLINES and other key BRANDING MESSAGES that could be used to SELL the plan to voters.

Meanwhile, the new Environment Minister John Baird has been busy posing for photo ops in wind gutted Stanley Park, and being profiled on mcleans.ca where he describes parliament as a "theatre" and himself an "actor" - a fitting reminder to this governement's green intentions. Any mention of the environment by the Tories amounts to pure performance, and their efforts to sell their Green Sham II as an environmental solution is the equivalent of Ronald McDonald hawking quarter pounders as health food.

Lets be clear. It's no surprise to see politicians actively marketing their policies, but the line gets drawn when the only product behind those marketing efforts is disinformation and green washing. Harper is continuing the green wash by trying to pass into law an environmental non-plan that - against all odds - accomplishes even less then the previous government, mostly because it was never intended to accomplish anything in the first place.

For their part, the Canadian media is all too happy to help - by keeping their focus a half step away from the issues and running stories on Harper's 'sales efforts' instead of his proven disregard for environmental action.


johnr said...

Voters won't buy PM.SH's green plan,but voters won't buy S.t.D's green dog either,nor the cult of Jack.Lizzy May will be holding the balance of power in the next minority parliment.

Anonymous said...

You are right. The Liberals are the only party capable of anything green. We will forget that the Conservatives were voted the most Green government in Canada's history. We will forget that the Liberal's had a very poor record on the environment despite all their time in power. (What did Iggy and Dryden say to Dion? "We didn't get the job done, Stephane. We didn't get it done!") We will forget that the Liberals just found the environment in December when someone brought out a box of green scarves. Suddenly everyone saw the light. "Why, I see the future for the next election. We will all wear a green scarf. That's it. A green scarf!" Yup, you guys are the real deal alrighty.

billg said...

Well....if the voters wont buy Harpers plan after only 11 months, and they know the Liberals dismal performance in 156 months...are you asking people to vote NDP??
Because, going by your logic, thats the only party left for Canadians to trust. Imagine..being a supporter of a party that could have George W Bush lecture you on the environment...imagine being a supporter of a party that for 13 years had basically no opposition, could have implitmented Koyoto, could have cut our CO2 emmissions in half...and wouldnt, and now, lecturing Canadians on how important it is to remove the Conservatives from power because in 11 months they havent done anything.....to answer someone's question on the Lib-blogs this morning...now you know why most politicians and aids are lawyers...its not about whats best for people and Canada...its about winning.

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