Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weather Tops Iraq

Seventeen people died in a suicide car bomb in Iraq over the past day as a part of the continuing violence waged for the protection of American access to oil.

Meanwhile, 65 have died in the US as winter storms continue to grip the so called Sun Belt states. To date, the cold snap has featured snows in the Malibu resort area of California and 33 deaths in the unlikely states of Texas and Oklahoma.

In northern Europe, 10 people have died and hundreds of air flights have been cancelled due to violent storms and hurricane force winds slamming into Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and France. The storms have also forced the cancellation of hundreds of air flights, including 123 at London's Heathrow, in addition to shutting down ferries, closing schools and roads, and causing the abandonment of a container ship listing in the English Channel. Germany currently has 40,000 volunteers on standby in anticipation of damage and flood.

So where is the greatest risk? In the savage unpredictability of unstable climate? or in the irrational fear of a decimated Muslim nation whose 95th ranked GDP could scarcely buy a plane ticket across the Atlantic, let alone pose a genuine threat to the US? The Bush administration has its own answer, and they continue to spend $300 million dollars per day to ensure the growing impacts of global warming by subsidizing the United States ongoing oil addiction through their war in Iraq.

Fair comparison? You decide. But the fact remains that top analysts estimate the total cost of the war will be $1.2 to $2 trillion dollars. A fraction of that total could make the United States the global leader in solving climate change while simultaneously offering all citizens the security of our survival - as a civilization and a species.


janzjottings said...

Whilst Bush seems to be the most blikered man in the world, all politicians are in it for the greater good - theirs. I honestly think that this planet is doomed. In this country (UK) there was much talk on the news today about offsetting your carbon footprint. ie, make a flight and pay an extra £5 to pay for an efficient woodburning oven in Mexico. No-one seems to get the point - DON'T FLY.

a.roberson said...

With so much disaster happening in our world today, what else can we do but wait? Voting may help...a little, but still, nothing changes for years. We can vote now to show our dismay with the world's situation, but we will not see results from this current problem until another 3-5 years. That's why I currently have the John Mayer video of "Waiting (for the World to Change)" currently posted on my blog.

ANSWERS said...


E. R. Dunhill said...

I don't think government is going to solve this problem. I think this problem requires entrepreneurs. It continues to amaze me that US agribusiness hasn’t stormed the market with biodiesel. There are plenty of large companies with the capital and the expertise to manufacture marketable quantities. It doesn’t even require the same change of infrastructure that hydrogen requires; you can dispense it out of existing pumps for use in existing engines. In the current climate, they could sell it to the left as saving the environment, and sell it to the right as saving the country.

moonlitetwine said...

nice site! concise, relevant, poignant.

-dear e.r.-
who wants to fight oil companies? one might end up eating with the fishes.

mxi said...

Why does the environment and the war in Iraq have to be mutually exclusive?
It's not a lack of money, but political will. The "will" was there to invade Iraq/Afghanistan at any cost.
If the people described in this piece,
were your sister, brother or mother, would the cost of ending that tyranny be too high?
I don't know the answer.
But I don't believe you have to sacrifice Iraq's opportunity for a free society (hopefully someday) for the environment.

BeautyIsRelative said...

Definitely nightmarish, though it's sadly all true. What can we do but try our best to conserve?

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest and admit that global warming is not a threat to civilization, nuclear terrorism is. For decades I have heard the "doom and gloom" fanatics from the "environmental" movement give a timeline with the end of the oceans, forests, air, etc... to no avail. How do you explain climate change occurring before the time of man?

Kuan Gung said...

Very nice n oh so true...

Nessa said...

Excellent blog. I think it's our responsibility to not only conserve, but also educate the people we come into contact with everyday. It amazes me how many people still believe that global warming is a myth!

kitimat said...

Over $400 billion dollars spent in Iraq. Why? Because they have one of the largest remaining oil reserves in the world. And when oil production peaks...they will have a huge say in global prices.

That $400 billion dollars could have been in huge investment in shifting the U.S. away from its dependence on oil. If only Exxon wasn't running the White House.

Miss Banfield said...

I write this, much before for knowing your blog, not in good english because i´m not english, but i think you will understood. Want to share it, the best i can do for this cause, be conscious all the time about it.:

"CanciĆ³n del Apocalipsis en Parque Rivadavia"


Earth has change
we have dissapointed Earth.

We smash the flowers of her backyard

we broke her windows

she is old and get tired of us
her stupid childs
her spoilded stupids childs:

beyond the sun
and the dark sky like an ecco



with names
and ages
and rules and sizes
that don´t fit at all;

she listen to our rock-hearts
spinning so far from her rock-heart.

She is like a mother getting conscious.


upon a time
don´t remember when
can´t remember when

we used to walk between her fresh
whispered voice
like the sea wind, but not;

but similar

to the sea wind and the sea


We invent things.
Things are an invent.

Grief is an invent.
Happyness is an invent.

A Dove (“dove” is an invent) died
in the mouth of a cat
a minute ago.

I saw her wings struggling

but not sad

and her death was not sad
and the cat was not evil

and both of them don´t feel anything

but life and no life

without a theory

or a moral

or something worse.


I heard my rock-heart beaten
inside my rock-chest resting


and there was a music in the glowing sun

and there was a music in the shinning fever

of the mind

and I translate it

to me:

“Where are you, darling?”
“Come, come in and eat supper”


She´s like a mother getting conscious.

Maybe she want to be alone again.
Maybe, she has regrets.

I don´t know

too much for a single
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Noelia Rivero
Octubre/Noviembre 2006

Ben Myers said...

We need to see that embracing false truths, and not understanding the greater consequences of our mid-eastern invasion that will resonate for the following centery, will lead to eventual destruction of a delicate system. People simply will not be ruled by foreign powers -- I'm reminded of the picture of the serpent biting the leg of a man who has stepped on him. This man should have been more cautious, seen the snake as a dangerous and worthy adersary, and perhaps tried talking to it.

Check out some creativity @:

Thanks, and goodluck to us all.

writemind said...

This is a great blog and I hope a lot of people read it. Ever since I learned of the 'Doomsday Clock' a few days ago, I can't get the clock out of my head. I can't believe that the most intelligent species that this planet offers is ruining its own habitat!

Moderator said...

So excited to find so many people with similarly themed blogs!

I have set up a blog for my students (, and we are currently working on writing persuasive letters concerning global warming. We should have the posted by the start of the month.

We would love it if you could include a link to us from your blog and encourage any feedback to the students positions that you might have!

Thanks much and keep up the good fight!

- mtf said...

I think that both the public and private sectors should work together to create a green-friendly policy. "Green liberalism" was one of the terms used. I also believe that the key is creating a competitive green ecology-based economy. Capitalism isn't perfect, but it is the economic system that has worked best and I see no reason why we shouldn't use it to make the world a greener and more sustainable place.

christmastree said...

There is no justice in this world...

Nice blog!

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

If we don't keep global warming going, isn't there a high risk that we'll all freeze to death?

R2K said...

People die every day. It is quite misleading to suggest they all died as a direct result of the cold. People who have a heart attack in the cold, or while trying to clear snow, were likely to have one a month later anyway. Old people die all the time. Just something that bothers me. There is always this need to make storms seem worse. We have "real feel" temps. We have wind speeds reported based on the top numbers not the average or typical numbers. Enough is enough, this isnt about making a more sexy news story. These storms are generally typical of every winter season in North America. Get used to it. Hot in the summer cold in the winter. People alway seem to be stuck in complain mode. If you dont like seasons, move to the tropics. People cant wait for the heat to end in the summer, or the cold to end in the winter. Take your pick already! I personally enjoy both, the contrasts in life make life better.

Peace said...

Excellent post.I feel this all the time and try to explain people the grave mistake of Bush and the tremendous potential of Americans to make the world a better place(or atleast NOT a worse place) to live in.

Odiyya said...

well R2K, one of the people who died was a baby that was hit by a door that was blown off its hinges. Not exactly a typical "seasonal" weather event, here or in germany.

I don't think that exactly fits with your cold weather/weak heart model.

carolinablue said...

Yes, global warming is a real issue. Every aspect of a living cell somewhere correlates to another living cell. This is how the earth was created. Man was to respect and nurture this finite interacting co-dependant cycle. Man was placed in charge of the care of the gifts of nature. Deep thinkers of long ago, realizing we and all of nature must co-exist with a mutual respect of each others importance. Where there is no respect for the Creator; it just follows there is no respect for the creation. Maybe, I am on the wrong blog here. But,God help us!!