Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Conflict of Interest at U. of Virginia

Laurie David has posted a pointed letter over at the Huffington Post blog asking the University of Virginia about an apparent conflict of interest involving one of their instructors. Apparently, media outlets are reporting that Dr. Patrick Michaels has accepted $150,000 from coal interests and coal-burning electric utility companies for his advocacy against global warming.

But in the name of fair and balanced reporting, I wanted to offer the following comment posted in reply to her note. It is by far the most succinct, powerful and well informed argument against taking immediate action on global warming that I have heard to date.

by Luke Snowman, professional debunker

Based on my extensive research and on the weighty opinions of Mssrs. Limbaugh, Hannity, and Inhofe, I can here and now state with absolute certainty that global warming poses absolutely no threat to the world.

Why? Simple.

Nature always achieves a balance. Assuming that rising global temperatures are and will continue to lead to rising sea levels, nature will find a way to restore balance.

Here's how: As sea levels rise, the excess water will drip off the edges of the Earth. This dripping water will then cool the sun as it passes underneath the Earth at night.

Problem solved.

Any questions?


Lukewarm the Snowman

Thanks to Togo of Grand Smials for the find.

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