Friday, February 23, 2007

The Environment - A Religion of Fact

Having failed in their religious zeal to exorcise global warming from the political and public landscape, the right wing press is now engaging in the ultimate hypocrisy - accusing an environmental community grounded in solid science of being a new religion.

In Canada, this deft and concerted move of spin began in February 12th's cover story from The National Post - Is Environmentalism the New Religion? That the Post is a newspaper whose spin and political bent flows through the lens and judgement of the Christian religion is an irony that is entirely lost on the both the authors and editor of the article. However, their message has had legs, with the following recent print columns following suit:

Eco-pilgrims gather to 'heed the Goracle' - "They came in their hundreds to hear him speak, and even those left standing outside the crowded hall would not be deterred from lingering in the proximity of the Baptist prophet from Tennessee."

Margaret Wente - "Mr. Gore no longer needs the media to spread the word. His documentary has persuaded millions that global warming is the greatest moral challenge in the world today. And now, thousands of disciples, trained at his climate boot camp and armed with their own Power Point presentations, are fanning out to spread the word."

The Washington Times - "Global warming has become the catechism of a new-age religion, with Mr. Gore as its topmost prelate, entitled to cassock, miter, incense and hot holy water. Anyone who dissents risks a session on the rack, as we have lately seen in calls for punishing 'deniers'."

Deniers of global warming are likely screaming in glee at the quotes above, as a sense of vindication and affirmation sweep over their science battered souls. But nothing in the quotes or articles above speaks to the facts of the issue, and like anyone losing an argument all of them resort to attacking the messenger once they find that the message itself is unassailable.

And through this subtle yet deliberate smear, a pattern and disturbing stripe is revealed in our main stream media. That it is the morally justifiable province of the press to mislead the public for its own ends - ends that go past the denial of environmental concern to include defending the corporate bottom line over the health of citizens, withholding fundamental rights from consenting adults, and endorsing the murder of citizens in foreign countries in the name of fear, oil and profit.

If Al Gore does represent a new religion, then it is one founded on rationality over hysteria, on hope for humanity, on care for the planet, and concern for those who will come after us. That is a moral compass worth following and one that can create a better world for us all.

More to the point Gore's message - unlike the religious zeal of the National Post - is grounded in fact. That single point gives him credibility that the Post can't hope for, and it is the most tangible reason why millions are willing to listen to his message.


Fireraven said...

Nice one, mate!

The same kinda crapola has been going on down under here in Australia.

The Right-wingers and Conservatives have been focussing their denial and spin on the messengers - because they just can't pick fault at the actual message.

There are some commentators even claiming that its all a "leftist conspiracy" - the worst of which is self-proclaimed conservative media commentator Andrew Bolt, who writes for Melbourne's Herald-Sun (check out his blog, its atrocious!)

Of course, here in Oz we named leading Climate-change advocate Tim Flannery (world renowned) as Australian of the Year - yet these denialists focus their barbs at him.

Of course, the redneck sheep who bleat behind these commentators always talk about the scientists who refute the climate-change science - but when challenged no one can name any of them, and surprisingly, none of these scientists never write or publish or make their views known.... all of which we know the reason why!

Keep up the good work, friend. And feel free to drop by my blog some time and combine energies....

jjsixty6 said...

Just to say-- I live in DC and The Washington Times is the New York Post of DC. We prefer The Washington Post.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Smart fellers an' gals prefer the WaPo over the WaTimes, the NYT over the NY Sun, the Trawna Star over the Trawna Sun, the CBC over CTV an' real green polyticians like Earth Mother Lizzie May over green-suited ConMen like King Steve Harpoon.

Troublem is... there's too many dumbasses listenin' t' the invested interests an' their MSM mouthpieces. Money talks an' BigOil, BigPharma, BigTobacka, WalMarket, BigPolyticks an' BigLiars got plenty o' money from doin' what they been doin' fer the last hunnert years.

If green's the new religion, we better start puttin' some green stuff in the collection plate so's we can spread the gospel an' toss out the moneychangers an' JudasGoats from the temple o' democracy up on Parliament Hill.


E. R. Dunhill said...

In truth, there is no conflict between Christian theology and environmentalism. The notion that environmentalism is a new religion in the pejorative sense is further evidence of the true motives of the religious far-right. What could motivate religious leaders who have strong business interests in publishing and media to attack other points of view? The far-right attacks environmentalism, not because it is a “false idol”, but because it undermines their own desire to hoard political and popular authority. In doing so, they erode the moral center of Christianity.
How can someone who calls himself or herself a Christian take issue with a movement that seeks to improve the lives of every human being? Where in Christ’s teachings did he suggest that we are to foul the water, poison the air, or ignore science?
Many Christians are sympathetic to environmental concerns, because such concerns are at the heart of our theology. Various avenues of environmentalism seek to feed the hungry and pay just wages for honest work. Charity and social justice are central to many religions, Christianity among them.
For this blogger, there is no way to separate environmentalism from the underlying belief that every human being is inherently valuable, and that each of us are responsible for the care of one another. Christ was a reformer, a leader, a de-stabilizer, and a revolutionary. He advocated a life of service and adherence to ethical ideals. This is environmentalism.