Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fraser Institute Fires Off a Damp Squib

Yesterday, the Exxon funded Fraser Institute released a farcical rebuttal to the UN climate report. For anyone who is still following the issue, or for general fans of oil funded reports like this one, RealClimate has an excellent analysis of the document.

An unofficial, "Independent Summary for Policymakers" of the IPCC Fourth Assessment report has been delivered by the Fraser Institute. It's a long, imposing-looking document, resembling, come to think of it, the formatting of the real Summary for Policymakers document that was released on Friday...The Fraser Institute has assembled an awesome team of 10 authors.

According to the press release, the (Fraser Institute) London kickoff event will be graced by the presence of "noted environmentalist" David Bellamy. It's true he's "noted," but what he's noted for is his blatant fabrication of numbers purporting to show that the world's glaciers are advancing rather retreating, as reported here.

By contrast the official IPCC report drew on the expertise of 2,500 scientific reviewers and 800 authors.

There you have it. Another "market based solution" to an inconvenient truth brought to you by The Fraser Institute. Always available......for the right price.


EX-NDIP said...

Richard Lindzen. He's the Alfred P. Sloan professor of atmospheric science at MIT.
On Larry King the other nite he had this to say about the IPCC Report in which he participated.

LINDZEN: Well, in a certain sense, when it comes to expenditures, and I'm speaking mostly as a citizen, except in one respect, almost everything proposed so far, if there's anything that there is a consensus on, will do very little to affect climate. So right now despite all of the claims to the contrary, we're talking about symbolism. Do you spend a lot? Do you distort a great deal in the economy for symbolism? And I think future generations are not going to blame us for anything except for being silly, for letting a few tenths of a degree panic us. And I think nobody is arguing about whether our climate is changing. It's always changing. Sea level has been rising since the end of the last ice age. The experts on it in the IPCC have freely acknowledged there's no strong evidence it's accelerating. All that's coming out Friday is a summary for policymakers that is not prepared by scientists. It's not 2,500 people offering their consensus, I participated in that. Each person who is an author writes one or two pages in conjunction with someone else. They travel around the world several times a year for several years to write it and the summary for policymakers has the input of about 13 of the scientists, but ultimately, it is written by representatives of governments, of environmental organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists, and industrial organizations, each seeking their own benefit.

So there's no 2500 scientists, but there are plenty of people funded by enviro groups.

Here's an article co-written by Dr. Tim Ball - PHD Climatology


Canada'a contribution to the world's CO2 is only 2% of the total . . . China increases its output by more than that every year . . .

Odiyya said...

I don't believe how often I have to respond to the words of these two clowns.

See here for Tim Ball

See here for Richard Lindzen

kitimat said...


Great rebutal, its incredible that the media will offer these people a stage to spread doubt when they've clearly been bought and paid for.

Odiyya said...

my feelings exactly.