Monday, February 12, 2007

PM Gives Provinces $1.5 Billion For Clean Air

Prime Minister Harper announced a $1.5 billion dollar trust fund today to be distributed to the provinces and territories for the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gases.

Details on where the money will be directed were sparse, except in the case of Quebec. That province has already implemented a carbon tax, pledged to meet Kyoto targets, and was seeking $328 million from Ottawa to help fund those plans. Harper announced that Quebec's share of the trust would be $350 million.

How the individual provinces translate this money into action remains to be seen; however, we may get a first look tomorrow during the throne speech by BC Premier Gordon Campbell. Campbell is expected to announce a plan to reduce greenhouse emissions with set targets at that time.

Their is speculation that the plan may mirror that implemented by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last year, which called for a 25% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020. There is also speculation that Campbell may abandon the proposed introduction of coal fired power generation in the province - a move that would be a strong signal of serious action and a good political move. A recent poll showed that 69% of British Columbians opposed coal fired power.

Check back soon for a breakdown of BC's new climate change policy after tomorrow's throne speech.


HearHere said...

Interesting article about Maurice Strong as the founder of the Kyoto scheme> Comments.

kitimat said...

Lets hope the Premier has decided to cancel those coal fired plants. Those contracts represent long term contracts to dirty technology which will polute for decades.

I just returned from the global warming forum at the Ridge theatre in Vancouver. The panel of speakers included two profs from UBC, an industry representative from Catalyst paper and a speaker from the David Suzuki foundation. It was a well organized event. Check out
for future community events.

Anonymous said...

So why can't our country's government follow suit? Please tell the Senate you want to invest in a clean energy future.

The House of Representatives has it right. They have passed a bill to create a multi-billion dollar fund for new investment in clean energy by rolling back subsidies for Big Oil. Tell the Senate to do the same.