Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Suzuki, Schwarzenegger Praise BC's Climate Plan

Gordon Campbell's climate change plan is gaining praise throughout North America, with renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, as well as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger lending strong words of support for the Premier's announcements.

“I am pleased that British Columbia has joined the fight against climate change," said Schwarzenegger, "Global warming impacts everyone, and states and nations must work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I look forward to meeting with Premier Campbell and working with British Columbia on this critical issue."

The two leaders are set to meet this spring in what is to be the start of a new West Coast green plan to be forged with California, Alaska, Washington and Oregon. According to Campbell's speech, that group would work towards common environmental regulations to control emissions from oceanic resources, container ships and enable the construction of a 'hydrogen highway' from Vancouver to San Diego.

Suzuki's stance was somewhat more staid than Schwarzenegger's. The lifelong scientist and conservationist noted that "the devil would be in the details". A valid point, but don't forget that the Provincial policy on global warming was thrust into a full scale re-write just a couple short months ago.

It would be both irresponsible and impossible to establish all the fine points in that short time. For now, we would do well to accept these initial announcements for what they are - a bold and visionary first step that provides a clear new direction for the Province of BC and provides a road map for bringing greenhouse gas emissions under control.

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