Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bush Administration Opposes BC Coal

Proving that politicians are concerned with self interest and not principles, the Bush Administration is opposing a proposed coal mine on the Canadian side of the BC - Montana border, citing potential downstream environmental impacts in the US.

Federal officials chose not to address the inherent hypocrisy of shouting down a coal mine affecting Montana's environment, while endorsing mountain top removal mining that is destroying entire valleys in the Appalachian states.

For those not familiar with the process, mountain top removal is essentially sawing the top off a mountain and dumping the refuse into neighbouring valleys in order to cheaply access coal seems lying underneath - for the apparent purpose of boosting mercury levels in water and and destroying global climate.

The main difference between the case in BC and mountain top removal in the US being that the latter is far more destructive, and more importantly, that the coal companies working in the Appalachians had the had the good sense to contribute to Bush's campaign, whereas the one in BC did not.

Having said that, BC citizens will take whatever help they can get in ensuring environmentally responsible industry at home.


WindWhisperer said...

The Bush administration is posturing again? Why am I not surprised.

E. R. Dunhill said...

Thank you for drawing attention to mountaintop removal. I live in Maryland, and there have been serious rumblings about importing this technique from neighboring West Virginia.
While it is clear that you understand the process, I want the casual reader to be aware that your euphamism "sawing the top off" is really describing a process that fundamentally disrupts local ecology and hydrology, making the mine and its environs unsuitable for plant or animal life (including humans). It is clear that when laws were crafted to allow for the private use of public resources, this degree of environmental, aesthetic, and economic devastation was not intended.

Barsawad said...

Bush and his antiques again! Most American politicians are hypocrites, but Bush and his cronies top them all.