Monday, March 12, 2007

Rhino Birth Via Webcam

Last week, a rhino at the UK's Devon Zoo gave birth in what is believed to be the first such event broadcast live over the internet via webcam. Sita, a black rhino, gave birth to her female calf at 2010 GMT on Monday, March 5th.

The black rhino, though far less endangered than the northern white rhino that made news last week, is still critically endangered with less than 4,000 remaining worldwide.

Below is the video clip, courtesy the BBC.


WindWhisperer said...

Congrats to the happy rhino couple!

korova said...

Hey, I am a big fan of your website, although I have never commented before. Could you give me your thoughts on this (my email is on my website Mask of Anarchy).

I think I understand it (I was never one for science at school!!!), but I could do with some confirmation. Thanks in advance.

Janis Mara said...

Hehheheheh, there are few things on earth cuter than a baby rhino. I guess the relationship between disappearing species and environmental concerns is that changes to the critters' surroundings are part of the reason they're going extinct? Because there are other reasons the species are disappearing, yes?