Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stop Global Warming with Windows Live Messenger

Many global warming initiatives are all talk and no action. But now you can turn your online chatting into dollars to help fight the climate crisis.

Microsoft has launched a new initiative that will send a portion of ad revenues from Windows Live Messenger to your cause of choice. You can ensure that revenue goes towards the fight against global warming by selecting as your cause.

To join visit - it's open to new and existing Messenger users. Once you register, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with the organization of your choice. The more you chat, the more money they'll receive.

At the moment the offer is only available to those living in the United States. is the sponsor of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March. - a nonpartisan effort to bring citizens together in an online grassroots movement to declare that global warming is here now and that it's time to demand solutions. To date, over 650,000 people have joined the march, including Governor Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Barenaked Ladies, Sheryl Crow, Tony Hawk, Robert Kennedy Jr., Deion Sanders and a host of other prominent celebrities including my favorite Tenacious D.

Click here to start chatting for global warming solutions.


Peter Matthes said...

We can only hope that the involvement of GE, AMAT and CRDN will help solar energy finally get off the ground.

Sean said...

What about AIDS? What about cancer? With the science of global warming still very much in doubt (read we should spend our dollars where they would do more good. Let's put this effort to AIDS, cancer, pestilence, education, etc.