Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bye Bye Bad Bulbs?......Great Idea!

The sale of inefficient incandescent light bulbs will be banned in Canada by 2012.

Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn made the announcement earlier today, stating that the move would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than six million tonnes a year and save homeowners about $60 annually in electricity costs.

The news was also welcomed by Canada's largest light bulb retailer - Home Depot. The home renovation giant is boasting a 350% increase in sales of compact fluorescents since 2004, and they are working with Phillips Lighting to launch a national recycling program for the high efficiency bulbs by 2008.

Recognizing Canadians need a convenient and simple way to recycle CFLs properly, The Home Depot Canada in partnership with Phillips Lighting announced today it will test an in-store CFL recycling program this summer, with the expectation of making the program available nationally by 2008.

Great news.


Lizt. said...

Isn't it funny, when the Ontario government put the same ban on those light bulbs, last week, or so, everyone was taking fits !! I have all CFL light bulbs inside my apartment.

Jeff said...

It is a great thing! Unfortunately, its not enough yet. We need to do more, and I'm hoping a future Federal government will recognize that Canada can not only be a world leader in positive climate change, but that it can also benefit economically.

Joules *Dances with Haddock* Taylor said...

We bought our first 'green' lightbulb in 1987. At the time it cost about £15 (compared to the 30p for a conventional bulb) - hugely expensive - and was a big, bulky thing. But it finally packed up in 2004 (17 years use!), making it one of the best domestic investments we'd ever made. Now, of course, we use them right through the whole house. The savings, both environmental and in electricity savings and replacement frequency, are great.

It's sad, though, that people have to be forced into doing things to improve the only home they have...

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