Friday, April 13, 2007

Dion and May Join Efforts to Defeat Mackay

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May have announced that they will work together to oust Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay from his seat in the next federal election. The move could lead to the Canada's first Green Party Member of Parliament.

Earlier today, Dion announced that the Liberals would not run a candidate in Mackay's Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova during the next federal election where Elizabeth May plans to run. With a second place showing to her credit from November's by-election in London North Centre, May stands and excellent chance of defeating Mackay - a high profile, but vulnerable member of the Conservative Party.

Peter Mackay is best known for his sad sack personal life that includes being publicly and politically dumped by former Conservative Leadership hopeful Belinda Stronach, and later for his high profile date with Condeleeza Rice at a Nova Scotia Tim Horton's. His 'affair' with Rice had the convenient side benefit of deflecting public and media attention away from the secret North American merger discussions that were going on simultaneously in Banff, Alberta.

In short, a three legged dog should be able to beat Mackay, provided they run the right campaign. Best luck to Ms. May!


Cameron W said...

I think the Harper government and Mackay are worried.

I'm enjoying reading the thoughts about this on the blogosphere. Earlier today I made my own blog post on this development. It certainly is big news.

WindWhisperer said...

Wow, Mackay's personal life sounds like a little Peyton Place of intrigues...(not terribly important to the environment mind you, but worth hearing the gossip about).

leftdog said...

Yup! The party that came 3rd with 24% of the vote in Central Nova last time around is going to step aside for the party that came 4th with 2% of the vote!

What a load of crap.

May and the Greens are being used by the Liberals to try and keep the NDP from taking the seat.

If this had anything to do with defeating MacKay, both the Libs and the Greens would back the New Democrat.

This thinly disguised charade is going to backfire in Dion's face.

Already, Liberal strategist Heard is slamming Dion for the stupidity of the plan AND May's senior strategist has quit his job with the Green Party.

What a joke!