Tuesday, April 17, 2007

EPA Spin Praises Bush

The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency is claiming a victory in the fight against global warming, and crediting the visionary climate change policies of George Bush for the results.

On Monday, EPA Administrator Dave Johnson announced that US greenhouse gas emissions grew by only 1% in 2005.

"The Bush administration's unparalleled financial, international and domestic commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is delivering real results," Johnson proclaimed in a statement.

Back in the real world, calling a growth in greenhouse gases a climate change victory is a bit like shooting a hockey puck into your own goal. More to the point, Mr. Johnson's counterparts in other US government departments had a more sober perspective on the situation. The people responsible for tracking US energy usage credit 2005's slower rise in greenhouse emissions to market factors and oil supply disruptions along the storm battered Gulf Coast - storms that may well grow more frequent, as global temperatures rise.

The slow growth in emissions from 2004 to 2005 can be attributed mainly to higher energy prices that suppressed demand, low or negative growth in several energy-intensive industries, and weather-related disruptions in the energy infrastructure along the Gulf Coast. As a result, while the economy grew by 3.2 percent, energy consumption fell by 0.3 percent.

More perspective on the US emissions can be found in the graph below:


Lee Herald said...

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You have a much-needed blog, and I really like the title.

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Karl Lindgren said...

It's tragic that an increase in emissions is hailed as a victory for Bush policies. It's even worse when it comes from EPA with a mission to protect us, the people, and not to to sugarcoat Bush's and Cheney's obstructions.

A 1% increase is a terrible outcome. The world needs to see big reductions from the US.

There is a curious recent development where several ex-military higher-ups proclaim Global Warming is a National Security threat. The sentiment seems to be spreading.

They are right, it is a threat militarily and security wise. Of course, the by far cheapest and safest way to avoid such threats is to cut emissions and thus Global Warming.


WindWhisperer said...

Happy Earth Day Odiyya...

Human Being said...

You have an interesting blog, thought provoking and well thought out content, and I would have liked to link to it, except ... like I have found with so many other blogs dealing with the same subject matter (i.e. the environment) the real cause of global warming and the problems facing mankind and nature is not adressed at all! Namely OVERPOPULATION. It is time to put aside false humanitarianism and ridiculous political correctness for the cold hard truth, and that is simply that overpopulation is at the crux of the entire matter. Please help to bring attention to this much-ignored but oh-so-important subject.

A fellow concerned blogger and human being.