Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Help Put An Inconvenient Truth in Every High School

Vancouver businessman Will Cole-Hamilton has begun a national initiative to place a copy of An Inconvenient Truth in every Canadian secondary school. Through his newly founded non profit group, the Learning Climate Educational Society, Cole-Hamilton and his partners are looking to raise $50,000 to fund the project.

In a few short weeks they have already raised $10,000.
Now you can help benefit the project, Canadian students, and the global warming issue by donating online, or you can mail your cheque payable to the Learning Climate Education Society at the following address:

Learning Climate Educational Society
c/o 1834 B Napier Street
Vancouver, BC V5L 2N3

More updates to come as the campaign moves forward.


true liberal said...

Let's put farenheight 9/11 and bowling for columbine in social studies classrooms too while we're at it.

Come on, let's keep the politics out of our public schools. There are plenty of real textbooks and science lecture videos that can be used to demonstrate the science of global warming without borderlining on propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I agree with true liberal about keeping politics out of the classroom.

Al Gore's opus has hardly been affirmed as gospel and even though I believe there may be some type of global warming going on, I am not convinced people are necessarily the root of it all. Besides if activists really wanted to make a difference in CO2 reduction, they would go after China and India as well as the U.S.

Odiyya said...

Anonymous, what you believe is hardly the point. While you may not be convinced, every informed person in the world is.

As for sluffing the problem off on the developing world, the US produces more CO2 than anyone,they built their ecomony on pumping out more CO2 than anyone, so they are the first nation that needs to start doing something about it.

And by the way, unlike the US, China is actually forming climate change policies. The US can start legitimately criticising the minute they actually do something about the problem.

Having said that, if you have a better idea to start educating students on the problem of global warming i'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

odiyya, you make a rather pretentious statement suggesting that "informed" people must agree with your assertions on global warming. Who gave you a monopoly on the truth?

It's not even conclusive that CO2 is the problem...apparently there's global warming going on Mars thereby suggesting that solar activity may be playing a role.

I am trying to keep an open mind on this issue...perhaps there is some merit to what you say. However, may I respectfully suggest that you look at both sides of the issue as well?

Odiyya said...

No monopoly on truth here. I just happen to actually read most things that are produced - on both sides of the argument.

What i find interesting is that climate change deniers spend all their time saying the science of global warming doesn't prove anything, but they are willing to take as gospel a single finding that indicates their might be global warming on a planet millions of miles away on Mars....

So who is being informed and objecting. I'll give you a hint. its not the Martian climatologists.

Anonymous said...

(Different "Anonymous" than above.)

If they are going to show that documentary in high schools they should show this one right after:

To Odiyya: Here are some "informed" people that are not convinced.

Odiyya said...

Informed people? That's classic. Here is the email rebuttal on this film, and their so called "experts", that I sent to a friend two weeks ago. Not only is your comment out of date, but you didn't use that time to do your homework.


Hey jXXXX,

I actually searched it (the film) out this morning and had a look. I'm afraid its precisely as i called.

If you want the run down on these guys see below. The first person they cite? Mr. Tim Ball, who was the one I specifically mentioned last night as the biggest mouth piece wonk in Canada. The others are little better.

FYI – the list of info I dropped in below is in order of appearance. I did not cherry pick or pick and choose in any way. Truth be known, SourceWatch actually has a compiled list of info to the whole group of ‘experts cited in the film’. Casual but interesting reading for you below at your leisure - and oh yes, unlike global warming skeptics, I cite all my sources...

It is hard to sort out truth from fiction in everything. All in, I think the best rule is the wise words of the journalist, "follow the money". It usually points you to the answer.


Tim Ball – industry funded PR agent and spokesperson. Climate credentials amt to only 4 peer reviewed papers, two of which were pre-graduation (on weather stats at Hudson’s Bay company forts) and something else even more unrelated.

He hasn’t published a scientific article in 11 years and among his more wing nut claims is that the Earth has been getting cooler since 1998 (2005 & 2006 were the hottest years on record. The rest weren’t far behind) and that the hole in the ozone layer has nothing to do with man made chemicals.

He also lists himself often as “professor of climatology”. This is in fact false and never held such a title:

More goodies here:

Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson of Blaby – conservative politician of the UK. Economist by training. His criticism of global warming led to the research and publication of the Stern report. Released last year, the Stern report is one fo the most rigorous and comprehensive explorations into global warming and the economic costs of it to date. Its findings? It found that 1) global warming was real, 2) man made & 3) the costs of solving it over the next 50 years are next to nothing and far cheaper than mitigating its effects once it takes hold.

Nigel is however, the father of Nigella Lawson, so he can be credited with giving the world some nice boobies to watch while seeing your favorite bacon dish cooked up on cable tv.

Ian Clark – is on the board of the Natural Resource Stewardship Project - an energy lobby, funded by energy companies, and headed by Tim Ball (see above). His science expertise is in geology, not climate sciences.

Piers Corbyn – never heard about this guy before now. He’s quite a wacko. Apparently his thing is that he has a top secret way of predicting the weather months in advance based on solar activity. Unfortunately, he doesn’t publish his techniques and he’s usually wrong:

Wrong predictions based on secret techniques? Not terribly scientific. If he can’t predict the weather now with his own system, what authority does he have to be predicting past events?

John Christy – OK, they have one qualified individual here (he’s the guy involved with the writing of the UN report), but they are misconstruing his stance and ignoring some important facts. Christy does not disagree with the stance that we cause global warming. His criticism is that many predictions are too ‘catastrophic”.

His quote: “It is scientifically inconceivable that after changing forests into cities, turning millions of acres into irrigated farmland, putting massive quantities of soot and dust into the air, and putting extra greenhouse gases into the air, that the natural course of climate has not changed in some way.”

However, its also worth noting that he’s also a paid employee of Exxon...

through their oil funded lobby group The Competitive Enterprise Institute. This is a gem of an organization who’s most noteworthy work is their TV commercial “CO2 - They Call it Pollution, We Call it Life”. Check it out….You'll swear you’re watching an Saturday Night Live skit.

I could go on, but if there top 5 were this easy to discredit, there's not much point.