Thursday, May 17, 2007

BC to Capture Last Spotted Owls & Log Habitat

A leaked document reveals that the BC government intends to capture the last of Canada's spotted owls for a captive breeding program while it logs the habitat they need for survival.

Only 16 northern spotted owls remain in Canada, all of them in the old growth forests of BC. In the US Pacific Northwest, the owl is also listed as endangerd but still survives in greater numbers.

A full copy of the leaked document can be read here.


Marc said...

Hmmm, interesting document. Nowhere does it say that they're going to capture the owls so they can log their habitat.
Instead they're trying to figure out a way to ensure the survival of these owls and increase their population.

"Finally we recommend that the British Columbia government, if deciding to implement captive breeding, make explicit the commitment to protect habitat in the areas where captive bred owls settle, regardless of whether those areas are in previously designated owl management areas. We do not recommend implementing the captive breeding and reintroduction approach without such a commitment, as one without the other is not likely to succeed."

From Page 5

It seems if anything the recommendations clearly states that unless the government is willing to guarantee habitat protection, that there really is no point in even trying.

Just my opinion though.

Odiyya said...

You're right, they don't say that specifically. What they say si that they are not recommending any measure to protect habitat and they are going to capture the remaining owls.

It goes without saying that they are logging the habitat because they are already doing so. This has been the focus of the lawsuit mentioned in the press release linked to.

Environmentalists want logging to stop and habitat to be protected. The government wants to breed owls and continue logging. That's the ongoing issue.