Friday, May 25, 2007

The Conscious Earth 1 Year Anniversary

Today marks the official birthday of The Conscious Earth. When I began this blog on May 25th, 2006 it was done primarily as a way to write on a consistent basis. Choosing to explore the environmental challenges of the modern world as subject matter was a natural, givent that it's always best to write about what you know and love.

One year later, a growing subscriber base of close to 300 and more than 5,000 monthly vistors have chosen to share in this exploration of sustainability and in a hope for a healthier planet. To everyone who has taken the time to stop by, read a post, leave a comment, or link to these pages, I offer you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for bringing so much success through this first year.

Looking back on the past 12 months, here is a short snapshot of the people who supported the site, as well as the highlights from a busy - and possibly revolutionary - year in environmental awareness.

Highlights from Year 1:

May 30, 2006: The Flogging of Corn Cob Bob
Jul 05, 2006: Oilcaholics Anonymous: Klein vs. Gore
Jul 19, 2006: Will Ferrel as George W. on Global Warming
July 27, 2006: Leaked Memo Reveals Coal Industry Propoganda Plan
Aug 20, 2006: Gore Cracks the Conservative's Lies
Sep 29, 2006: Suzuki to Dion, "Take My Research"
Oct 19, 2006: Ta Da! Tory Clean Air Plan Unveiled
Nov 27, 2006: An Inconvenient Truth Squeezed from Classrooms
Nov 22, 2006: Ex Monsanto Employee Says GMO Crops May Cause Disease
Jan 17, 2007: Global Warming Shifts Doomsday Clock
Feb 01, 2007: Right Wing Think Tank Climate Report Leaked
Feb 23, 2007: The Environment - A Religion of Fact
Apr 23, 2007: Global Warming Gaffe

Thanks to the sites below for your support in sending readers this way:

The Influence Machine
Free Range Living
Posthuman Blues
Downtown Eastside
The Green Geek
Eco Chick

Thank you once again for all of your support.


Nobody in particular said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for being born! Thank the mother of all ideas environmental for bringing you to us.

Thank you for all your help in informing the masses of environmental problems and the ways people have been able to lie to us.

Long may you live and prosper!

Anthony said...

Congrats on the achievement - best of luck for thousands of years to come!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations on your year of blogging!

kitimat said...

Excellent blog... one of my favorites. You've covered a lot in one year. Looking forward to year two!

Thanks Odiyya

Mike said...

Congratulations and Happy Blogday! Keep up the good fight.