Tuesday, May 15, 2007

School Board Swindles Global Warming Education

As Conscious Earth visitors read last month, free copies of An Inconvenient Truth were made available to every high school in British Columbia thanks to the charitable contribution of the Tides Canada Foundation. Now, Surrey school trustee Heather Stilwell wants the widely discredited mockumentary The Great Global Warming Swindle to be shown alongside Al Gore's global warming documentary.

"I am not sure. I mean I see evidence. I think there is climate change, there's no question about that. Whether what Al Gore says about it is the truth, I have questions."

There are also a lot of people with questions about Heather Stilwell. For those unfamiliar with local BC politics, Ms. Stilwell was previously known for her involvement in the banning of books that depict same sex marriage from Surrey's public schools - a policy that was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Heather Stilwell is also a former leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, and her political views are so far to the right that she was rejected by the federal Conservatives in her bid to run for office.

Trustees will vote on the motion to air The Great Global Warming Swindle in two weeks. You can contact Heather Stilwell directly here:

Heather Stilwell
18341 - 59 A Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 6A4
(604) 576-4412
(604) 576-4429


Alison said...

Surrey has many things to thank Heather for but my favorite remains her ban on books about Native spirituality and Halloween in a school library. Of course it eventually got overturned, but for a while there we could all pretend that we were living in a science fiction novel.

Mushroom said...

I am thinking of sending her my copy of David Irving's book on the Holocaust.

Thanks for the address.

Anonymous said...

I love how you included her contact info

Anonymous said...

how about you give the kids both sides of the global warming story and let them decide for themselves instead of spoon feeding them only one side.

Odiyya said...

sure anonymous. just provide a credible source for an opposing opinion because the GGWS is not it.

Elle said...

Well the Ofcom ruling is in.... the programm was factually innacurate and misrepresented scientists views.

I dread to think the damage that this misinformation has caused.

We will be committing the worlds largest genocide on people in climate change affected countries if we don't change our polluting ways.... and films like this have helped stall the changes we need to make quickly.