Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zero Emissions Skyscrapers for the Middle East

A German company has targeted the oil rich deserts of the Middle East as the place to build a new 68 story office tower that would supply 100% of its own energy.

A handful of architects recently dreamt up a state-of-the-art tower, a giant 68-story building projected to rise to a lofty height of 322 meters (1,056 feet), which would make it number 22 on the list of the world's tallest buildings. What is even more impressive is that not only will the Burj al-Taqa ("Energy Tower") consume very little energy -- but it will also produce all its energy itself.

Eckhard Gerber, one of the head architects proposing the groundbreaking new design, is hopeful of reaching an agreement with the Bahrain based company Almoayed Holdings by year's end. He is also attracting interest from companies in Dubai and Riyadh.

The project would come with a $406 million price tag and specific innovations that include:

  • a giant solar shield covering nearly 2/3rds of the building surface
  • a new generation of vacuum glazed windows for insulation against 50 degree Celsius heat
  • a cooling system to utilizing seawater stored underground
  • a 17,000 square metre solar panel island floating on the ocean within view of the seaside tower
  • hydrogen acquired through the electrolysis of seawater that will power fuel cell generators in the evening

The only question that remains is, if these leading oil producers are willing to make this step why isn't Canada's emerging oil wealth doing the same?

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Aymen Almoayed said...

I was interested to see that you've mentioned the upcoming project on your page. Although the final structure of the proposed project has not been published and is in the final phase of consideration, the following article was brought to my attention:

From Solar Power To The Black Death
21 Aug 2007 by arielfloridahot
Gerber wants to reach an agreement with the Bahrain-based company Almoayed Holdings — the investor that apparently wants to finance the €300 million ($406 million) project — before the end of the year. The investor belongs to one of the ...
arielfloridahot -

Regrettably, we cannot seem to access this page, although the title is 'interesting'. I would be interested to hear if any of your reader or yourself have come across such article. We would be most interested to hear the arguments which would link a noble cause with 'Black Death'.


Aymen Almoayed