Saturday, June 30, 2007

Denier Form Letter

Dear (insert commenter's name),

I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the global warming issue. Please see the following page to find the scientifically endorsed and verified response to the information you provided. If you have additional and relevant information to add after reviewing it, I hope you'll return to share it with our readers here.

Thank you for your shared interest in creating solutions for global warming, and a sustainable economy where all can prosper. If you'd like additional information on why you're being directed to the link above, please visit this page.




Anonymous said...

Good one!

Here's another site they could check out:


Sue said...

Sigh. The site in the link is wonderful. It will be a great resource for the students in my environmental sociology class. However, if one reads the comments to each of the points, one finds that the deniers read the facts and then simply deny them. So the intended audience -- deniers -- appear to get nothing out of the site except further conviction that global warming is a set up.

Anonymous said... rock!