Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eagles Removed From Endangered List

Four decades after it was declared endangered, the bald eagle has been removed from the US critical list.

Population levels bottomed out in 1967 when only 400 breeding pairs remained in the lower 48 states. Today, that number tops 10,000, in no small part thanks to Canada. Over the decades Canada has supplied more eagles to the US efforts than can easily be counted, and with them helped ensure that the aggressive conservation policies put in place were bolstered by a growing and healthy eagle population.


E. R. Dunhill said...

Hey, thanks for all of the eagles. And, uh, sorry about all of those sulfates and nitrates.


Tim Colman said...

That is a fantastic photo of the eagle catching a salmon. Is it yours? There is no credit that I could see.

I would like a copy.

best fishes,