Monday, June 04, 2007

German Chancellor Strong Against Bush

After initially sounding somewhat limp with respect to President Bush's proposed "US led" global warming strategy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has since come out strong saying that it was "non-negotiable" that the United Nations should take the lead in global efforts to combat climate change and vowed to make no compromises that disregard the scientific evidence on the issue.

"I will not go for a 'lazy compromise' ... I will not get involved in diluting definite scientific findings like those of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental panel on climate change," she said.

The US proposal promises to do nothing to reduce global emissions and has been widely criticized in the international community, despite having effectively fooled the US media machine. It also opposes hard caps on emissions, a carbon trading scheme and the objective goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius - all elements endorsed by the European Union. Maybe the problem is that Bush doesn't have a clue what "2 degrees Celsius" is.

Climate change negotiations will take place at the upcoming G8 summit on June 6th - 8th.

Update 1:13pm: Merkel's comments were echoed by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who today rejected Bush's proposal and insisted that nations come to an agreement under the UN and not through US led negotiations.


billg said...

Then she will fail. Either compromise or fail. And when the next US President is a Democrat the situation will not change. The EU and the UN will have to compromise with China, Russia, India and the US on GHG emmissions.
Why waste time with rhetoric, compromise now!

Odiyya said...

compromise to what? if one party is looking for a solution, and the other is looking to derail the process, where do you propose the area of compromise is?

billg said...

Derail what? Whose looking to derail anything? The US cant derail something they have never signed on to now can they? The German Chancellor cant win with rhetoric, she cant win without a compromise, she cant win coming out against Bush becasue the Democrats have the same policy. She has to compromise on Kyoto targets, she has to compromise on letting country's make their own reachable targets within a workable timeline, why?..she has no choice...thats how useless the G8 is, thats how uselss the UN has become. Ms Merkel has a great opportunity here, I hope she doesnt get lost.

Odiyya said...

The US is trying derail the talks. And yes they can try to derail something they've never been a part of. That has always been the US approach when something runs against their policy. A lesson of that is decades of flak here in canada for our continued trade with cuba.

As for opportunity, there is none so long as Bush's plan is to get the world's top 15 emitters to build a framework that has them agree to continue increasing greenhouse gas emissions. That is precisely what Bush's plan proposes to do.

billg said...

So, by your own login, the US has told China and India not to sign Kyoto. What does Bush have to do with the Clinton Administration refusing to sign on to Kyoto? The US will NEVER sign or adhere to Kyoto, not under a Dem or a Rep. It didnt and it hasnt. Boy that Bush guy sure is powerful. Put away your hatred for old George w and think about it. How does Ms Merkel go about making GHG emmission progress? She cant. Unless she compromises targets and dates. She and you can go back to yelling and blaming everything on Mr Bush, but it doesnt change anything. Either the UN and the EU compromise over Kyoto, include China, Russia, India and the US, or they run the risk of proving their own uselessness. That you cant blame on Bush.

Odiyya said...

ummm what are you talking about?

Clinton did sign on to Kyoto. However, it was not ratified by the Senate.

Further, where do you get your ranting delusions? If you honestly believe the that the US does not actively play political games to influence world policy, then you need to take a closer look at world affairs.

Do you understand the basic scenario? It is that the world is facing huge impacts of global warming. The largest share of that damage has been done by the US. And that the US has singularly opposed doing anything about it.

Or does accountability only count when you're pointing the finger at others?

The US claims to be a leader. they'd be well advised to start acting like one.

canary said...

India -
China -
Russia -

and others -

Result? Train wreck

Talk about derailing -

Odiyya said...

we'll need to see what comes during the next meetings in december now that the US has said it will be at the negotiating table.