Monday, June 18, 2007

Gore Calls G8 Summit a "Disgrace"

Following the conclusion of the G8 summit and climate change talks about a week and a half ago, I had the following to say in my post titled G8 Leaders Agree to Make an Agreement,

The leaders of the group of eight industrial nations have agreed to make an agreement on climate change in what Tony Blair calls "a major, major step forward".

Wow....I say, wow.
Al Gore has issued his statement on the events, and his words were equally tongue in cheek,

"The eight most powerful nations gathered and were unable to do anything except to say 'We had good conversations and we agreed that we will have more conversations, and we will even have conversations about the possibility of doing something in the future on a voluntary basis perhaps."'

The one result from the latest summit was the US agreeing to work with other nations towards "substantial cuts" in greenhouse gases within a UN framework. No firm timelines or goals were agreed to despite the efforts of German Chancellor and G8 Chair Angela Merkel who wanted countries to agree to work towards a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050.

Talks resume in Bali this December.

PS - A note of thanks to Crooks and Liars for including The Conscious Earth on their weekly roundup.


d . beetle said...

It seems to me that if this type of political foot-dragging continues maybe we will end up with the most environmentally positive thing for the Earth - the passing of the extremely brief appearance of humans - making us far, far less successful than the dinosaurs. Then once this whole charade is over the all the other living creatures on this planet-that-doesn't-need-us can get on with living in perfect co-existence. Perhaps what we are engaging in is more of a "survival movement" than environmental movement as the earth given a voice in court would probably fire us as its advocate and ask us to simply go away. But then again, maybe after reading the response of the good-for-nothing 8 I'm just a little pessimistic.

Odiyya said...

pessimistic but 100% accurate