Friday, June 22, 2007

Power in Numbers

Nature is full of lessons. This clip shows something of the strength of numbers and the power of community. The day is not far off when all of those who care about the environment will similarly realize their strength in the face of obstructionist corporations and government inaction.

Clip via An Insomniac

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Alski said...

This video bothers me for so many reasons.
For one the only reason I can fathom that the buffalo are so oblivious to the lions is because they see tourists and the opportunity themselves to get fed. The tourists are the bait for this event to unfold and then they sit there and watch the mayhem that they were the catalyst for which makes my gut sick.
The worst part is that calf probably won’t survive even though it got free.
I have no problem with nature taking its course but this is more like a cockfight then natural selection.