Sunday, June 03, 2007

UK Shoppers to See Carbon Labels on Products

British consumers wanting to address global warming will soon have the benefit of carbon labeling on the products they buy. The government has revealed a new plan that would show greenhouse gas emissions created by their production, transport and eventual disposal, similar to the calorie or salt content figures on food packaging.

Ian Pearson, the environment minister, said ministers would work with the Carbon Trust and BSI British Standards to develop a benchmark for measurements over the next 18 months, allowing businesses to calculate the impact of their goods and label them accordingly.

The measure will be voluntary, but major retailers like Marks and Spencer and Tesco are already on board.

Happy green shopping UK!


Joules *Dances with Haddock* Taylor said...

I'm happy to see this. We try to buy locally as much as we can, but it'll be great to be able to compare 'footprints' for the things we can't get locally and opt for the smallest!

Odiyya said...

agreed. I wish we had it in canada.