Wednesday, June 06, 2007

US Rejects G8 Climate Goals

The US says it will reject the climate change goals set out by German Chancellor and G8 Chair Angela Merkel as this week's summit begins today in Heiligendamm, Germany.

Merkel proposes cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050, setting up a cap and trade system for carbon, and limiting global warming to 2% celsius - goals that are broadly seen as the minimum needed to avert the more severe impacts of global warming. The US rejects all of these goals and, under the guise of defending the rights of individual countries, is pushing for a US led agreement between the world's top emitters that would allow continual increases in greenhouse gases.

Speaking ahead of his meeting, Mr Bush said that instead of backing the proposed emissions caps he favoured his own plan that the worst CO2 emitting nations, including the US, China and India, meet before the year is out to put together a new long-term strategy to tackle the problem.

The US continues to promote reductions in carbon "intensity" and voluntary reduction targets. It is well established that voluntary targets do not work, and as explained here, reducing carbon intensity will do nothing to decrease overall greenhouse gas emissions and consequently will lead to increased global warming.

Meanwhile, outgoing British PM Tony Blair insists that he can convince George Bush to agree to substantial cuts within an UN framework.

Good luck Tony, we're all counting on you.


Anonymous said...

And in other new today, pigs didn't, I repeat didn't fly and hell remains frozen.

Nice post.

Peter Dodson said...

Tony Blair couldn't convince George Bush to do anything. Bush promised him a favor in return for Iraq and then stiffed him. Plain and simple.

All I can say is well, I'm not surprised. Bush doesn't give a rat's ass about climate change and neither does China or India. Without those 3, the rest of us have to reduce our emissions by 98%.

Kevin said...

There was a quote from James Connaugton who is George Bush's advisor saying "...the only area of disagreement is that the G8 should dictate the national policies of its members". (From the BBC website)

In my view this is a fundamental problem because the Bush Administration is telling us they do not wish to be bound by any international agreements. Unfortunately this makes the G8, the UN, Nato, NAFTA and any other International organizations irrelevant and unworkable.

The world will not see effective change in our environmental practices until the American administration decides to become an active player in the world community. Hopefully this won't take too long.

Odiyya said...

every canadian can attest to the truth of that kevin.