Monday, July 30, 2007

Board Approves Swindle for Surrey Schools

Surrey School Board Trustee Heather Stilwell gained national attention this past May by proposing that The Great Global Warming Swindle be made available in Surrey high schools alongside An Inconvenient Truth in order to ensure students are offered a "balanced perspective" on the issue of global warming.

The Board heard her proposal in May and unanimously passed the following motion:

THAT WHEREAS it has been reported in the media that all secondary schools in the Province will be provided with a copy of the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”; and WHEREAS this movie is advancing one particular view of the world’s climate change based on ice, etc.; and WHEREAS many scientists world-wide have expressed scepticism about this scientific accuracy; and WHEREAS it is our role as Trustees to ensure that students are provided with accurate information and a balanced perspective when there is credible information presented on two sides of an issue.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the school district’s Instructional Resources staff ensure that the resource “The Great Global Warming Swindle” if approved by the district’s Learning Resource Committee, and/or any other resource the committee identifies that provides a balanced view of global warming, be made available to our schools.

Chairperson Wilson called the question on the amended motion and it was CARRIED unanimously.

I contacted Heather Stilwell last week who said, "As we left it at the end of June, staff were working on getting the kind of permission rights that we require for school use. It is certainly my expectation that this will be available in September."

The Great Global Warming Swindle has been widely criticized for misrepresenting global warming science and the opinions of researchers. In an embarrassing appearance, the film's director Martin Durkin was recently interviewed on ABC Australia where he was confronted about the film's inaccuracies and offered little information in his own defence.


DavidA said...

Both of those movies are pure propoganda. I was pretty pissed off when I heard they were going to indoctrinate kids with Al Gores pompous film, but these things dont "balance each other out".

Jay said...

Both are not propaganda. Inconvienient truth is based on the science of global warming with 2000 scientists in aggreement and as well its been peer reviewed.

The Global Warming Swindle on the other hand ignores all data after the 1970's and as well they manipulated the graphs and joined up points in the data that were gone because of lack of data. They put in a line arbitrarily which supported their view. Not to mention the fact that there are now 4 versions of this film since each one was "doctored" and they got caught.

What is wrong with the Surrey School Board? Is it full of old fogies or are they just ignorant?

Odiyya said...

Hey Jay. Not sure if you've spent time in the Lower Mainland or you know much on local politics, but the Surrey district and Ms. Stilwell definitely have a certain bent.

Check out this article if you didn't hit the link in the post above. It shows you where they're coming from.

david said...

She wouldn't come from one of the stupid redneck states in the god old US of A would she? She certainly seems that sort of low intelligence dork.

david said...

I must read more carefully - I thought the american stupidity had spread to the shores of the UK whereas it has only sneaked over the border into Canada.

Having said that I always thought that Canada had gotten the intelligent colonists from the UK - it looks like they got a few who somehow didn't make it to the US

Pollution-Meister said...

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