Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth Draws 2 Billion Viewers, Breaks Internet Record

Live Earth successfully wrapped up its 24 hour concert series that spanned seven continents and reached an estimated 2 billion people. In its goal to raise global awareness of the climate change problem, the series can be only be called a success. And unlike previous concert events, this one deals with an issue that will touch every person on globe.

Here are a few highlights from the day.

  • Internet streaming record: 10 million viewed the concert via Internet streams, which surpassed the previous record held by 2005's Live 8 global concerts to fight poverty.
  • Largest crowd: The largest event of the series was in Rio de Janeiro where 400,000 attended free of charge.
  • Concerts on every continent: Nunatak, a previously unheard of band of research scientists in Antarctica, beamed their performance abroad making Live Earth the only concert event to be held on all seven continents.
  • Walking the walk: Live Earth committed to minimizing its ecological footprint at every stage. Measures included sourcing electricity from green sources, implementing a comprehensive recycling program for concert waste, and purchasing offsets for other carbon impacts.

After successfully raising awareness about the global warming problem, organizers must now face the more difficult task of translating awareness into action.


Rob said...

What did Live Earth accomplish? Well, it's not what happened yesterday that matters. It's what happens tomorrow and every day from now on. What matters is whether people can be persuaded that their voice, and their vote can make a difference.

Unfortunately, we need to adopt the message and alter our disposable habits - one they've discarded their Motorola Razr for the new iPhone, that is. They've pledged not to use disposable nappies, use chemicals to wash their clothes and won't drink bottled water. They have even vowed to replace their incandescent light bulbs with low energy substitutes and take shorter showers. Or the celebrates can do without traveling the globe in big jets, riding in huge gas guzzling cars, living in enormous mansions and can preach to the unwashed from a stage.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the idea of Live Earth and thoroughly enjoyed the music. It's put a message out there and focused the attention of people, especially in America. But we in the west love our guilt and we like it pure not sullied with reality.

Dante said...

It also produced 75000 tons of C02 emissions.

Anonymous said...

It also fell short of reaching its target audience by between 98 and 99%, making the two billion figure ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Reached 2 billion people? 1 out of every 3 people on Earth were reached? Come on, there is no way! If you subtract China and India where I doubt viewership even registered, then throw out sub-Sahara Africa, nearly everyone else on Earth would have had to have been "reached"? Meanwhile, I have not talked with a single person who saw any of the event. TV viewership on NBC on Sat. night was 2.7 Million, which means that "reached" must be re-defined as "heard of the event" or "knows something about it". By this definition, the World Series of Poker, the TV show "Survivor" as well the "Transformers" movie must "reach me" because I am aware of their existence, although I would never watch any of them. Either carefully define "reach" or stop mindlessly propagating senseless figures.