Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oil Spill in Vancouver Suburbs

A geyser of oil sprung up from the streets of a Vancouver suburb yesterday, after a construction crew's backhoe inadvertently broke a pipeline that connected a refinery to a refuelling facility in the harbour.

It's still unknown how much oil was spilled. Though certainly a small spill, the oil quickly made it's way into Burrard Inlent. Photo's below, courtesy of Global TV News.


Rob said...

This is a "great" series of images. What about ground water contamination? It seems from the images that the oil has entered the storm water system to get to the ocean. There will be a lot of work needed to stem the long-term environmental damage: for example to the wildlife habitat and fish, etc. Also, crude oil is not only toxic but is potentially a carcinogen too.


Kyle said...

Well, judging by the photos it looks like much of the oil was confined to the relatively impermeable asphalt roadways, preventing significant infiltration that would lead to groundwater contamination. And I understand there is extensive soil excavation going on to remove the residual contamination from around the homes in the area.

As for the foreshore, there's surely a lot of work to do there. Sadly, as can be seen from the handful of storage tanks in one of the photos, that area is home to several of the GVRD's oil refineries, and no doubt has numerous other issues to tackle in conjunction with this one. At least the province and feds are eager to contribute money to the clean-up.

gate valves said...

i never saw a black backhoe before but i think that was just the color coz of the oil. this is a huge disaster. look at all those oil thats's been wasted. great areal shots.