Friday, July 13, 2007

Producing Solar Power Like Paper

New research released this week concluded that the sun is not driving the global warming problem. However, the sun may be powering our global warming solutions in the near future thanks to a revolutionary solar panel being developed by the California company Nanosolar.

Their product represents a new approach to solar that aims to crank out paper thin panels at low cost through the same mass production techniques used in (not surprisingly) paper production. If successful, translucent solar powers could literally blanket our cities and drive a new era of renewable energy.

Nanosolar has the technology for the product in place and they have secured $100,000,000 for the construction of a pair of manufacturing sites in California and Germany. They can also count the founders of Google on their list of investors, as well as the US Department of Energy which contributed a $20 million research grant earlier this year.

Clip courtesy KQED Public Television 9


Ron "Mighty Gee Guy" said...

Could climate changes have anything to with all the molten lava in the earths core?

I remember learning in the second grade about that? And, how the earth has forever being changing.

Why have we become so arrogant to think it is always about us. Earth is far bigger than we will ever be.

Odiyya said...


I'll direct you to gristmill if you'd like to read the answer to a couple of your points:

"earth is forever changing"
"role of volcanos"

As for your molten lava theory, i'm afraid this makes no sense whatsoever. The planet forms a natural equilibrium, so the core would only cause global warming if it was getting hotter over time. its not.

And yes we have become arrogant - arrogant that we can mess with the planets natural order and not suffer consequences.

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