Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Victory Over Iceland Whaling

Conservationists are celebrating a small victory this week after Iceland announced that it will not issue further commercial whaling quotas after existing permits expire on August 31st. Citing poor market demand, particularly from Japan, government officials see no reason to allow more whaling until "market conditions improve".

Iceland created an international uproar last October by announcing a return to commercial whale hunting. Annual quotas were issued totaling 30 minke whales and 9 endangered fin whales. To date, seven of each have been killed with the resulting whale meat relegated to cold storage, as hunters have been unable to find buyers domestically or in Japan. Chief among buyer concerns is the high levels of toxins in North Atlantic whale meat.

Not surprisingly, this outcome was predicted by conservationists at the outset, and Arni Finnsson from the Iceland Nature Conservation Association is looking like Nostradamus himself thanks to his comments made in October of 2006.

"There is no market for this meat in Iceland, there is no possibility to export it to Japan; the government appears to have listened to fishermen who are blaming whales for eating all the fish. This decision is giving the finger to the international community."

Icelandic whalers continue to insist on the need for continued hunts in order to build up markets. And despite this victory against commercial whaling, Iceland continues to hunt whales under the guise of "scientific research", the meat from which is also ending up unused in Icelandic storage facilities.


Sir James Robison said...

So, it's not all bad news then?

Odiyya said...

For the world at large? Never. We still need to make it to the right side of the balance sheet though.

Max-e said...

There is no logic in their reasoning. Let's hope the demand decreases and the anti whaling lobby presses in even harder. The time has come to stop the slaughter.
Every year we have the pleasure of seeing these magnificent creatures along our coastline and thanks to the efforts of the conservationists their numbers also seem to be increasing

one and only hypnos said...

I wonder why people don't listen more often to conservationists.

Well, I cannot be more happy. Less animals are being killed which makes me happy as an animal activist and since it's about whales I could not be more happy as an conservationist either.

If we just could get rid of that so-called 'scientific research' we are set.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm glad to hear of this small victory.