Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Wins 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

In recognition of "their efforts to build up and disseminate knowledge about man-made climate change", Al Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been announced as co-winners of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

In awarding the honour, the Nobel committee singled out Al Gore as "probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted". President Bill Clinton expressed similar feelings,

"Gore's ex-boss, former President Clinton, also said he's 'thrilled by this well-deserved recognition,' and credited Gore with 'warning and educating us about the dangers of climate change for decades. He saw this coming before others in public life.'"

Gore stated that he will donate his half of the $1.5 million dollar prize to the Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization he founded to persuade people to reduce global warming by cutting greenhouse gas pollution.

You can see the announcement via YouTube.


Herbinator said...

Hey! Congrats on being highlighted by Blogger on Earth Day. Good job.

MOLLY GRAY said...

i was so happy when al gore won. i love his movie, it helped me to see the world with different eyes and to care more for the environmental issues.

Jordan said...

I like Al Gore, and I love the enviroment - but Global Warming is a bogus scientific theory that has never, and will never, be proven. So it seems a bit ignorant to award him a Nobel Prize for his work with it.

Brittan said...

Al Gore definatly deserved this prize. Global warming is real and we can stop it to some extent. His commitment to this issue is just one way to get others to help save us all! I'm blogging for my school. We do blogs for my journalism class. This would be a great topic for me to ask about around school. Thanks for helping get me interested.

Odiyya said...

Jordan - like most material denying global warming, you've utterly failed to present an argument in your defence. case in point is your own statement,

"I'm not going to begin discussing my opinion on the topic. I mean, I think it's really great of Al Gore to spend billions of American dollars studying a scientific theory like Global Warming."

First, Al Gore isn't spending money studying global warming, republicans are. That's there way of avoiding action - pretending there is scientific uncertainty and spending money on 'research' to appear that they are doing something about it.

Second, if you are going to be a critic you have to present evidence.

Third, the scientific case for man made global warming is beyond solid, which you can read in full here. If you have evidence to put to the contrary after reading it I'd be happy to read it. Until then you have some work to do.

Fourth, thanks for the kudos Herb. I didn't know until you and Local Warming dropped by to let me know.

Mandy said...

in response to jordan's comment,...I don't understand how people can say Global Warming is a bogus theory when there is PROOF that the ice is melting and the carbon dioxide emissions have increased and everything else... we ARE hurting this earth we live on.. and we NEED to do something about it. Why is that so hard for people to admit to?

reader Wil said...

I have just returned from Australia, where global warming is the issue of my daughter and her friends, neighbours and aboriginal relatives of her ex-husband. We saw all "An Inconvenient Truth" my daughter bought the DVD and gave it to the local library of Cooktown. The area where she lives is one that will have to endure more and more cyclones, like Larry and Monica last year. My daughter has installed a solar warmwater system and has all day long scalding hot water. We can all make a difference, like Al Gore says, let's go for it!

Jordan said...

Odiyya, I appreciate you so elaborately replying to my comment. It makes me realize my voice is being heard. As you said, I "failed to present an argument in defense" of my beliefs. Well, I don't have all day to write out ALL of the facts that contradict global warming. My blog is a way of me discussing what's important to me, NOT an education system for the misinformed.

I also appreciate the redirection link you sent me to one of your previous posts, but unfortunately, that provided no solid evidence of global warming. The only thing I understood was that "Anyone making ad hominem attacks in the global warming debate will have their comments summarily rejected."

And someone who isn't willing to listen to opposing perspectives, is ignorant.

So, as I could only imagine, you will reject this comment. But, at least you read it. And that was all that mattered to me.

Have a nice day!

Odiyya said...

Indeed Jordan. there's no way i would argue about what your blog is about, but you were leaving a comment as a part of a conversation on my blog, and that is quite a different situation.

The link I posted last supplied my complete approach towards those in the skeptic camp. The point being that the evidence for presence and negative impacts of man made global warming is full established. The arguments to the contrary have been thoroughly addressed and shot down.

but no, i'm not going to reject your comment. I will refer you directly to the source link cited in my own post above - here. And offer the same invite of offering something new to the discussion

A Leila Kincaid endeavor said...

I'm very proud of Al and so happy that he is getting the acknowledgment he deserves.
He is a champion!

Larry said...

Does Al Gore deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
Would it have been more appropriate to award Gore, let’s say an award in science, rather that “The Peace Prize.”

Steven Chen said...

Hi Jordan,

I am very happy to know that you love environment. Regarding Global Warming, here is what I think:

I think the nature human had was as good as human could get. It is not good if human try to take things away from nature, put things into the nature, or move things around within the nature in big quantity. Burning fossil fuel puts huge amount of CO2 into the nature. That is not good.

For the sake of our children, please vote for good environment policy and good leader.

Global warming or evolution? said...

Global warming is an effect from evolution not man made! We know many animals have evolved but do not beleive man has? We have and still are and the planet is still cooling and changing.

KKai said...

I am glad that Al Gore won the prize.

I like his movie not because it is about the globe warming, but because of the "frog example". :D

The rest of the movie is the same old thing we all are familiar with.
It was made into the way that the public could understand it much easily.

I personally think that we may see/feel the effects much sooner than 50-100 years. Again, it is just my guess.

..Diverse.. said...

Indeed Mr. Gore is very deserving to win such prize. The fact that many are awakened from a nightmare of destruction to the call of unity for mother earth in his film is one tough reason to have him awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, one noble award...

Anonymous said...

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Well done.

Anonymous said...

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