Tuesday, October 16, 2007

UK Court Defends Use of Gore Film in Classrooms

There has been a lot of rumbling in the deny-osphere in the past week concerning the results of a lawsuit brought by one Stewart Dimmock against the British Secretary of State for Education.

The case was launched by Mr. Dimmock in opposition to the distribution of An Inconvenient Truth to UK classrooms. The verdict? Despite the blustering of the right-wing press, the court's decision upheld the use of the film in classrooms while new information has cast Mr. Dimmock himself in dubious light.

In the decision itself, Justice Michael Burton cited a short list of concerns about the film that deniers throughout the media and blogosphere have been quick to jump on while ignoring the actual judgment. Justice Burton endorsed the use of An Inconvenient Truth, its accuracy, and allowed it to remain in British curriculum.

"(The film) is substantially founded upon scientific research and fact."...."The Defendant (Secretary of State for Education) will not be promoting partisan political views by enabling the showing of AIT in the context of the discussions facilitated by the Guidance Note, and is not under a duty to forbid the presentation of it in that context."

Subsequently, the man who brought this so called David vs. Goliath case to court has proved to be a stooge funded by the fuel and mining lobby.

This court case, and the mainstream coverage of it, is simply the latest ill founded attack on Gore and global warming. And for the umpteenth time deniers and their blogging supporters have followed suit without so much as a thought....because their entire argument against global warming is itself devoid of thought.

Thanks to DeSmogBlog for the great coverage of the issue.


TBOLT said...

I don't think too many people are in denial over the reality of global warming, I think alot of people don't want to be faced with Gore's hypocrisy.

Egoist said...

Combating global warming will never be effective as long as the prospect means limiting wealth. Of course the U.S. continues to subsidize its oil companies, because oil is the sole industry propping up american wealth.

Ethanol requires oil to make. It will have to be subsidized just the same, and it will not generate nearly as much wealth because of the low price. You are still polluting the environment, only now you would be deflating the dollar as well.

That's why the right is correct. They have the bigger picture in mind, because saving the environment is not worth it if you have to live with a wrecked economy.

Odiyya said...

Congratulations egoist. That is officially the stupidest comment I have ever received.

Anuj said...

Egoist, you have to be extremely stupid to take a stand like that, profits over the future of the planet, the only planet we know of which can support life and you take profit and then claim it to be the bigger picture, are you crazy or did some lobby pay you to say this?

Egoist said...

I do wish you would give me more to go on than simply calling my argument "stupid", and dismissing it. Why exactly is it stupid?

If my argument is flawed, then tell me where, and I shall concede.

Odiyya said...

See anuj's comment above...

Eating Consciously said...

Isn't it amazing how many people can deny outstanding amounts of scientific research all suporting one theory? I think this is something that school-age children really need to be informed about because children will ultimately have the biggest impact on our planet in the future. Great blog, keep up the good work! WWW.EATINGCONSCIOUSLY.COM

Lorenzo Rambaldi said...

It is important that students are informed about these issues.

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Anuj said...

The thing is that with creationism entering school do you think that the generation after me will be properly scientifically educated?

Steven Chen said...

Hi tbolt,

People who truly care about the environment and future generations would not attack Gore.

Hi Egoist,

We have taken too much from future generations already. It is time for us to pay back, even if we have to suffer economicly.

Please read my short article, "What is a sustainable society?" at http://sustainablesocietyusa.blogspot.com/

Mike said...

I think most on "The Left" are too Liberal and the one's on "The Right" might be too far that way. "It's the old story about there being three sides to every argument, 1. The Left side, 2. The Right Side and 3. The Truth"

Now making a movie called "An Inconvenient Truth" may have the word truth in the title but is this truth? Time will tell.

Now I think there is plenty of money to be made out there, evidently there are a few here that think it can only be made with oil. I don't know if any of you remember hearing conversations about how "the computer was going to wipe out all of our jobs"? For the most part there are More jobs than ever and it merely is a lack of education or "want to" that keeps most from being employed. If the Liberals and the Conservatives would spend their time, money and resources on a real education instead of the one we all are forced to undergo... we might really have "A Convenient Truth".

By the way there is a new company out there that might change the way money is made and energy is produced, check it out at: www.jointhesolution.com/earn


Odiyya said...

juandos - your comments are deleted. Feel free to return when you've made yourself informed or learn to discuss issues like an adult.

TheGnatStaff said...

Our school used a very balanced approach when showing the kids Al Gore's film. They also showed the film "The Global Warming Swindle". Now they have both sides, is there anything fairer than that?
By the way in the last 50 years the temp. increased by .6 degrees Celsius. If you people really think that CO2 is pollution, you might want to inform those people who actually buy CO2 and pump it into their greenhouses. Apparantly they think this makes their produce grow better. Are you calling them liars?

Anuj said...
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Anuj said...

Well Mike why leave it to time? It may take too long instead why not use something that was invented long ago in the renaissance called the scientific method you take observations, create a hypothesis and then experiment, over here it doesn't matter who you are or how ugly you look if the hypothesis stands up here every time then it becomes a theory and after that an explanation that's the way to do things not leaving it as a burden to some obscure future generation.

However you are right in the sense that there is more to energy than just oil, a Hydrogen economy is far better more efficent than an oil based one so why don't we adopt it today? Well that's largely due to politics that are although important but on topics like these they don't work to anyone's favor now do they? We have arrived at crossroads where they can't be anymore special interests the future habitability of this planet is the responsibility of each one of us so that our children don't burn in repentance for our crimes. Yes I think that you are to the point mike we need "A Convenient Truth" but remember this often what we want to hear isn't what is best for us (I am not referring to educational policy over here).

Thank you for listening to me I hope that I didn't come of as arrogant all I want is that you weigh these things in mind look at your child and think what are you doing for his future when you consume....

Chaim said...

Egoist said...
Combating global warming will never be effective as long as the prospect means limiting wealth. Of course the U.S. continues to subsidize its oil companies, because oil is the sole industry propping up american wealth.
Egoist, you hit the bulls eye
with that one. Greed has been
with human beings for quite
sometime though. But it's a
problem that we need to solve.
We have to scare them straight
somehow, like showing lung
damage from cigarette smoking
to a smoker. But I'm afraid
greed and power are more addictive
than heroin.

heather said...

Good post.

The "party" that supported the person who took the court case is quite disturbing. We mentioned the court case on our blog (/2007/10/13/new-party/ and 2007/10/12/gore-nobel-prize-and-the-bbc/) The source of the funds for the court case wasn't fully clear then. So thanks for the Observer link.
I am staggered by the comment that "saving the environment is not worth it if you have to live with a wrecked economy."
I guess that egoist thinks the "environment" means "pretty scenery" rather than "our only life-support system."
I love your "congratulations" comment.

Odiyya said...

GnatStaff - you seem to try to take an honest approach to things and look for information on both sides which is great, and admirable. Unfortunately, the other side in this 'debate' is sorely lacking in credibility.

The term "plant food" is a spin tactic. Sewage is plant food as well (ie fertilizer), but like any 'food' too much is not good. too much co2 not only inhibits pant growth but impacts our livestock that grazes on it. See here.

As for the swindle, this film is a blatantly deceptive project that has had to go back for re-editing 4 times since its release, has been the subject of complaints by the very people it cites, and has been thoroughly addressed and revealed as such. Unfortunately, the media doesn't like to cover that side, except in Australia where the films Director was confronted point blank by their ABC news affiliate. See it here.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with this issue continues to be right wing press that deliberately spreads half truths. It makes it extremely difficult for most people to know what info is correct and what is spin.

devolutionary said...

Thank you for this. I saw the Swindle on Channel 4 and was disturbed.

Here's one reason why: Normally, when presenting extreme viewpoints (UFOs, ghosts, psychic abilities etc [stay with me]), production companies demand the presence of a sceptic to provide 'balance'. There was NO ONE who in ANY WAY challenged the argument being presented. The argument was shown as TRUTH. With an excellent title. And for once, I was the one waiting for a sceptic to show up. It left me wondering what was the agenda - of the producer AND the formerly trustworthy Channel 4 (capitals mine).

Like I say, thanks for the post. I have posted the link elsewhere, so others can enjoy.

Veronica said...

I still don't understand how people can still deny ho much harm we're doing to our planet. the fact that UK court defended Gore's film is great news for all of us who are concerned about this issue.
By the way, congratulations on your great blog!
You can visit mine, which also deals with the environment with a special focus on Florida at wwww.greenourish.blogspot.com

Steven Chen said...

Hi thegnatstaff,

The CO2 we are talking about is from burning of fossil fuels. Even if burning fossil fuels cause no problem to the earth whatsoever, may I ask the people to save some of those “wonderful” fossil fuels for our children? We have used up our share of fossil fuels long time ago. We cannot keep stealing what belongs to future generations. God is watching.

When next generation takes over the world, they will round up those old people who have helped destroying the environment. They would put those selfish old people in a ruined place. I hope you won’t be in that ruined place.

Wadmalaw Gardens said...

I think the problem is we are smart enough to make any theory sound real or fit if you will. I do believe that the earth is warming but I don't believe that it is entirely caused by man. It is also really easy to blame Americans for the condition of the earth but we are not alone on this planet. The same people that say that we need to do something are the ones that say we should mind our own business and fix things at home first. Here is a fact: China has more coal fired electric plants under construction than all the plants in the US currently operating. China has little or no regulations on its omissions so while we struggle to limit our discharge China is negating our efforts.

I just do my part and hope everyone wakes up before it is too late.


Hai Def said...

It is amazing this should eve be in discussion. I think we all know global warming exist and is not just some fairy tale democrats made up to scare people. So why are people choosing not to be informed by this? It boggles me that people restrict this movie because it might actually have some real facts in it and not faith, oh no.

Steven Chen said...

Hi Greg,

You made a very important point. Now, the CO2 emission from China is almost equal to U.S.A. The CO2 emission from China would be doubled soon. As a Chinese, that terrifies me. I have setup a web site in Chinese talking about the environment and global warming. The following is what they told me:

“George Bush and most American people think that the economy is much more important. We whole hearted agree with those people.”

What should I say to them? Can I tell them that U.S. and Canada are “struggling to limit our discharge”? If that is true, why so many people in those countries talk so loudly and claim that Global Warming has nothing to do with human activities.

It is good that you do your part. But, I think you should also try to persuade your friends to vote for the right policy.

Deblea's Meadow said...

I thank you for you opinion and time taken to get this out. It is one of the biggest concerns all people should be thinking about.

Egoist may be right about combating global warming being behind wealth. There are so many better things which could be done. The only reason they are not is because of greed. Isn't that the saddest thing ever.

Uttarakhand said...

Many thanks for sharing this article with us.