Friday, November 16, 2007

Conscious Earth on the Road/Introducing Odiyya

Many thanks to The Conscious Earth readers and subscribers over the past several weeks. News posts have been sparse as both the blog and my personal life have undergone some substantial changes.

The Conscious Earth began a year and a half ago, as an anonymous project to sort through the muddled reasoning and outright lies that infect environmental debate in the mainstream news. Through these months, I've remained anonymous to avoid any conflict of interest involving my 9 to 5 job, which until two weeks ago was directly involved in the environmental field. With my recent departure from that job its time to introduce myself to readers and bring you all up to date with the plans for the coming months.

For the past four and a half years I've been the chief fundraiser with Sierra Legal Defence Fund, Canada's leading environmental law organization. More recently I've played a leading role in their rebranding and name change project as they've successfully transitioned to Ecojustice Canada and continue to lead the Canadian environmental community in holding governments and corporations accountable to environmental principles and law.

All good things come to an end, and I've now departed from that role for an extended period of world travel. I'm currently writing from Nakuru, Kenya and over the next 7 months my travels will take me throughout Africa's lake district, through to Cape Town, and then on to India and the Himalayas. Posts will be less frequent through this time and will change substantially in focus. However, they will continue as I work to give The Conscious Earth's readers an on the ground look at the environmental challenges facing some of the worlds most critical developing areas.

I invite everyone to continue reading, and ask only for your patience as I cope with spotty internet access and a hectic travel schedule.


Kori Brus
Vancouver, Canada (currently Kenya)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Solution? Hire a Weasel!

Denier strategy at its best....