Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tanzania to Cape Town Photo Highlights

The departure for India is fast approaching, but while I'm still in Africa here are the photo highlights from the past two months. I've included titles and descriptions on the files, so anyone wanting a bit more context for the pics can read those directly on my flickr account here.


jmb said...

Great photos Odiyya, thanks for showing them.

Colin Campbell said...

Fantastic photographs. What software do you use to showcase the photographs in this post?

Odiyya said...

thanks CC. its just a stock piece of code that i snagged online that uses your flickr account to host photos for the slide show. here's the page i used:


it gives the stock html code. You just need to update the info by inserting your own flickr id number, and the tags you want to include in the slideshow.

I think its pretty self explanatory, and it also includes a flickr 'IDgetter' to help you get your flickr id number from your account.

let me know if you need anything more.