Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canada Sued for Climate Change Failures

I've been substantially away from the home front news for quite awhile, but this is worth mentioning on both a national and personal note.

On June 18, Canada became the first country ever to be brought to court for failing to comply with its legal commitments to combat global warming, specifically its failure to meet (and perhaps more to the point, their failure to do anything about) their mandatory legal obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.

The lawsuit itself is being argued by a coalition of groups - most notably my former workplace, Ecojustice Canada - and seeks a declaration from the Court that the government has not complied with the law, and an order requiring it to do so. A decision is likely to occur in the coming months.

For readers unfamiliar with Ecojustice (formerly Sierra Legal Defence Fund), I strongly recommend them as a worthy organization to support (I do so myself). For my American readers, think Earthjustice.


Allium said...

It will be certainly interesting to see what comes of this lawsuit!

Chervil said...

Interesting development indeed. I do hope the Court case will be decided in favour of Ecojustice. It is time we start taking climate change and our related legal obligations seriously. The sad thing is, of course, that the targets set under Kyoto were very mild and totally ineffective in combatting climate change. So if we can't even get those right, what hope in the world do we have to tackle climate change in the way it needs to be addressed?

E. R. Dunhill said...

I find myself wondering if government (particularly at the national level) is really up to the task of curbing carbon emissions. Kyoto would be a nice first step, but it's so slow in being put into practice, and doesn't even enforce a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
I wonder if local governments, communities of faith, and entreprenneurs might be faster and more effective.
My frustration over the bureaucratic and legal processes aside, I'm glad to see someone trying to hold the Canadian government to its word.

Family Footprint said...

Wow! I did not know this, thanks for the post.